Welcome to My Corner of Cyberspace

My name is Lyndsay Roger and I currently live in
Sydney, Australia.

Some Links

Debian Powered

As you may have worked out I am one of many people interested in computers and especially Linux/Unix. Have a look at what I was running at home when I lived in New Zealand.
As I currently live in a studio apartment I do not have much room for all those machines so I now have a selection of systems around the world.

The systems are with (in order of getting them):-
Rimu Hosting.
Goscomb Technologies - Dedicated servers with native IPv6
Steadfast Networks.
FDC Servers

Other areas of Information Technology that interest me are :-

  • Virtual machines using Xen.
  • Virtual machines using OpenVZ.
  • I now have a system that has hardware virtualization support. See the knowledge page for details on how I got KVM up and running.
  • Thin client systems. Why have all that processing power sitting on a desktop just for email and typing.
  • Open source software development. Like science we should build on the work of others.
  • Infastructure. All the fancy new systems we create depend on a basic network of servers to keep working. Without the plumbing nothing would work.
Things that are on my To-Do list :-
  • Play more with OpenVZ and Xen
  • Explore more of outer Sydney
  • Have time to enjoy life
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