Welcome to My Corner of Cyberspace

My name is Lyndsay Roger and I live in
Dunedin, New Zealand.

Some Links

Looking for the Hidi (How I Did It) pages? Lots of useful information about Go Language, AWS and System Admin tasks.

As you may have worked out I am one of many people interested in computers and especially Linux/Unix.
Over the years I have been playing with Linux and FreeBSD and cloud services. Other areas of Information Technology that interest me are :-

  • Amazon Web Services AWS.
  • Go Language Go Language.
  • Virtual machines using Xen.
  • Virtual machines using OpenVZ.
  • Open source software development. My GitHub repo.
  • Infastructure. All the fancy new systems we create depend on a basic network of servers to keep working. Without the plumbing nothing would work.
Things that are on my To-Do list :-
  • Upload more things to GitHub
  • Upskill on Go. Looks very interesting
  • Enjoy Dunedin and southern New Zealand
  • Have time to enjoy life
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